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International Gen Z Consulting Company That Delivers Recruitment, EVP & Consumer Insights

Entrepreneurs In Action (EIA) is a leading international Gen Z consulting company that delivers practical recruitment, employee value proposition (EVP) and consumer insights. We work closely with global organisations to deliver Gen Z insights through our Internal Consulting Answer (ICAN) and External Consulting Answer (ECAN) solutions.

The EIA are passionate about helping leading brands connect with and engage Gen Z as valued employees and consumers. By partnering with us, your organisation will gain truly invaluable insights that it can use to appeal to prospective Gen Z employees and target Gen Z consumers.

Entrepreneurs In Action Investment Management Mentoring Program

Find out more about the Entrepreneurs in Action Investment Management Summer Mentoring Program sponsored by Morgan Stanley and how you can apply for the 2024 program.

Understand Gen Z With Our Help

Gen Z are a generation of ever-growing importance as they become an integral part of the workplace and consumer base for organisations globally. As a generation they are unique and unlike many previous generations. Gen Z has been shaped by many factors/events including Covid, technology, social justice, and environmental concerns. Connecting with and effectively engaging Gen Z requires a different approach that takes account of their purpose-led nature, different attitudes, and strong sense of worth.

While some see them as a challenge to manage and difficult to persuade, we believe that they have much to offer to your business, both as employees and consumers. We help businesses connect with Gen Z and harness their potential so they can make the most of their talent as employees and target them as consumers. Why not get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you connect with Gen Z?

Gen Z Insights At Entrepreneurs In Action

We love helping young people and businesses discover fresh insights in areas such as recruitment, employee value proposition (EVP) and consumer behaviour. While there are many Gen Z consultancies, few deliver Gen Z insights in the unique way that we do. At Entrepreneurs In Action, we use insight cycles that are proven to provide meaningful insights for business leaders and their teams. As a result of these cycles our valued clients identify actionable outputs that are ready to put into practice in their organisation.

Our Gen Z insight cycles are structured in two effective ways, as our Internal Consulting Answer (ICAN) or as our External Consulting Answer (ECAN). ICAN involves listening and learning from your current Gen Z employees. Many clients find that drawing on the experience and expertise of their own in-house Gen Z talent is an effective way to overcome challenges by getting answers to key questions and ideas for solutions to key challenges.

The ECAN approach involves listening and learning from your future Gen Z employees. As part of this, we will facilitate workshops with Gen Z talent that will help you gain the all-important insights that you need to improve your engagement with this key generation in the workplace and wider business environment.

Entrepreneurs In Action will work in close partnership with your organisation to understand your specific challenges and determine whether an ICAN or ECAN approach would best suit your Gen Z challenges. Our support for global clients does not end at just uncovering insights; we help turn insights into actions that will make a difference to your business. We use a combination of co-creation workshops and our in-house Gen Z expertise to help you implement identified actions and achieve successful business outcomes.

Gen Z Consulting

Gen Z Insights For Business

Whichever Gen Z challenge your business faces, you can turn to EIA for help in uncovering the insights and developing the solutions that will help you to overcome them. The valuable insights and solutions that we have developed have helped global clients overcome their business challenges and effectively engage with Gen Z. Why not find out how partnering with EIA could help your business to effectively connect with and engage Gen Z?

CV-Less Gen Z Recruitment

Effective Gen Z recruitment often has to defy recruitment convention to deliver successful outcomes. We worked in partnership with Fidelity International to help them create the first ever CV-less Gen Z recruitment programme. Our programme help to eliminate subconscious bias, remove recruitment barriers that minority groups face and ensure that Fidelity International will be able to recruit the very best talent.

Gen Z Consulting For Schools & Colleges

Connect With Your Future Gen Z Employees & Students

Connecting with Gen Z requires innovative approaches. In an ever-changing world and rapidly evolving business environment, Gen Z require a very different skillset to that of previous generations to excel in the workplace and achieve their full potential. We work with educators at schools and colleges to help students develop the 21st century skills that they need to excel in life. Find out more about our experiential programmes for young people.

Diversity & Inclusion At The Heart Of What We Do

We care about and respect everyone that we work with. Diversity and inclusion form a key part of what we do and how we deliver excellent results for global clients. At EIA we are passionate about empowering everyone to succeed and be the best version of themselves. We challenge convention and seek innovative solutions to problems that cannot be solved through traditional approaches.

See below for our most recent diversity program in partnership with Morgan Stanley.

We care about and respect everyone we work with
We challenge and find innovative solutions
We want everyone to be the best version of themselves

We Are Trusted By Global Brands

Entrepreneurs In Action are trusted by global brands to deliver valuable Gen Z insights. Many leading global brands trust us as their Gen Z consulting company including AON, INEOS, UEFA, Virgin Atlantic, Salesforce, Fidelity International, Siemens, Waitrose, and Morgan Stanley to name but a few. Discover more about how we have helped them uncover Gen Z insights in our case studies section.

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Global Gen Z Insights Case Studies

Our Gen Z consulting projects for global clients take us across the world from Europe and the USA through to Africa and India. We have helped global organisations overcome Gen Z challenges, uncover useful insights, and turn actions into successful solutions. Read our latest case studies to find out how we have helped organisations including Fidelity International, Salesforce, St James’s Place Wealth Management, Unicef, INEOS, PwC and Barnado’s.

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We are ready to help you effectively connect with and engage Gen Z as employees and consumers. Whether you require Gen Z recruitment, employee value proposition or consumer insights, we can help you to uncover them and develop solutions to your key Gen Z challenges. By partnering with Entrepreneurs In Action for Gen Z consulting, you will join the many leading global brands that we help.

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