“We can all create our own future. Everything is within us – it’s unlocking it that counts.” Derek Browne, CEO and Founder

Our vision is that every young person will fulfil their potential and leave education with the skills, knowledge and mind-set to make them innovative, entrepreneurial and employable.

Academic, vocational and core skills, while critically important, are no longer enough. We are facing developments in technology and challenges in our society which need different skills and a different mind-set. Tried and tested methods need to be replaced with creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

As we approach the third decade of the 21st century, we need to ensure that young people emerge into the working world with the best chance of maximising their potential.

Entrepreneurs in Action offers a range of programmes and activities that unlock the untapped talents of young people from all backgrounds.

  • By working in partnership with organisations we give young people a positive taste of a real-life working environment and sense of enterprise through exciting, hands-on business challenges and learning programmes.
  • By inspiring young people of all backgrounds and abilities to follow their passions and open their minds to opportunities available and undiscovered possibilities within themselves.

We passionately believe that unlocking the potential and untapped talent of young people can be achieved by focusing on the 3 E’s: Education, Employment and Entrepreneurship.


Choose the right programme for your young people.

Classroom to Boardroom

Classroom to Boardroom is our premier programme. Over the course of a week students adopt the life of a business executive.
The participants are presented with a real life business challenge and have to work on finding a solution.
The participants then present their findings to senior executives of the supporting organisation.

Entrepreneur in You

The Entrepreneur in You programme gives the students an insight into how business ideas are generated, brand building, sales and marketing techniques and product development.
The day ends with a trading session, where students pitch their business ideas to outside buyers.

Bespoke Programmes

We create bespoke programmes for businesses and educators who are seeking new and innovative ways to engage with talented young people.
These have included:

  • Learning about building a personal brand
  • Innovative alternative approaches to work experience
  • Corporate programmes engaging with young people inside and outside the organisation.

Watch our programmes in action

With so many opportunities to choose from today and fewer jobs, education requires a fresh approach. It’s time to tackle today’s social and economic challenges and unlock young potential and talent. Stay informed with our programmes and get closer to achieving higher employment.

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