INEOS | Case Study | EiA

This programme brought together INEOS, the world’s largest manufacturer of petrochemicals speciality chemicals and oil rich products, with 30, Year 11, students from the private, non-profit International School of Geneva based in Geneva, Switzerland.

The challenge, set by Allison Crawford, HR Director for INEOS and David Kirkwood, Director of the Polymer business for INEOS, was to come up with ideas to create a recruitment campaign aimed at apprentices and graduates.


Business Knowledge For Gen Z | EiA

Business Awareness

All the students left the Classroom to Boardroom programme with a deeper understanding of business and enterprise.

Increased Knowledge

Students gained knowledge of some complexities of the circular economy, forthcoming EU regulations and the challenges of engaging and influencing Gen Z around changing behaviour towards recycling.

New Insights

The students demonstrated that they were able to grasp difficult concepts and develop and prepare a presentation full of innovation and insights that the panel of leaders in INEOS had not thought of before.



The best parts were having the ability to be able to finish such a challenging task in only three days and being able to present it at high standards.

I discovered that teamwork is underrated at times: everyone had to roll up their sleeves and do the heavy lifting.

I can now write speeches in less than 30 minutes. Realistically, I think this was humbling and rewarding and we were fully capable of sitting down and resolving the problem. Teamwork now has a new meaning to me.