The EiA Foundation was set up as a Community Interest Company in 2009 to deliver innovative experiential programmes to help young people develop skills for the 21st Century.

We aim to raise young people’s aspirations and ambitions so they have the confidence and ability to fulfil their potential and be the best version of themselves.

Innovation In Learning

We work with educators to create experiential learning programmes to help students develop skills for the 21st Century


equipping young people for the workplace of the future with a focus on the impact of social, environmental and technological changes.


changes in the job market require young people to have a more entrepreneurial mind-set to how they will succeed in the future.


developing the skills and providing tools to solve problems and find solutions to the challenges that they will meet.

Classroom to Boardroom

Classroom to Boardroom is our premier programme. Over the course of a week students adopt the life of a business executive.

The participants are presented with a real life business challenge, work on finding a solution and then present their findings to senior executives of the supporting organisation.

Entrepreneur in You

The Entrepreneur in You programme gives the students an insight into how business ideas are generated, brand building, sales and marketing techniques and product development.

The day ends with a trading session, where students pitch their business ideas to outside buyers.

Alternative Work Experience

We create bespoke employability and career programmes for educators who are seeking new and innovative ways to help young people prepare for the changing world of work.

These have included:

  • Learning about building a personal brand.
  • Innovative alternative approaches to work experience.
  • Bringing businesses into schools to talk about the skills they are looking for and potential career options.