We are an International Gen Z Insights Agency committed to problem solving and innovation

EiA’s programmes bring together young people and employers to work on real business problems/challenges.

Businesses gain new perspectives, insights and solutions to their problems from the perspective of Gen Z, and young people build self-confidence, self-belief and develop new skills that increase their employability.

Global Gen Z Insights Consultancy

Classroom to Boardroom ©

This is our premier programme.

It takes participants out of the classroom and fully immerses them in the world of business by challenging them to solve real boardroom problems.

The participants are presented with a business challenge and work on finding a solution. They then present their findings to senior executives of the supporting organisation.

The programme is a unique business experience over 4 or 5 days.

Participants are taken out of their comfort zone and develop essential business skills such as team work, communication skills, presenting to others, working under pressure and project management over a very short period of time.

We run programmes with a variety of national and international businesses, organisations, universities, colleges and schools.

Classroom To Boardroom Identifies Gen Z Trends

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