Fidelity International: Diversity

Fidelity is committed to increasing social mobility. As part of this, the Fidelity Scholarship Programme aims to transform the lives and career opportunities of aspiring, talented people from financially disadvantaged backgrounds by providing financial aid to enable them to complete tertiary education. Through this, Fidelity also aims to enhance its early career pipeline to bring more diverse talent into the organisation as well as increase brand awareness among Gen Z in target geographical talent pools – the future generation of Fidelity’s employees, customers and clients.

EiA designed a global programme that would operate successfully across 3 continents. The programme was run on a Saturday morning with 18 x 1st year undergraduates from India, China and UK working together in mixed groups throughout the day. The day was focused on improving student’s understanding of personal finance and the value of money and was supported by Fidelity volunteers.


Barnardo's Impact

Global impact

Student’s learnt from each other’s cultural experiences and attitudes to money.

EiA Gen Z Insights Agency

Successful candidates

All the students were offered financial support along with mentorship, soft skills and industry training. 

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Shared learning

The volunteers from Fidelity benefited from engaging and supporting the students during the day and from working with their colleagues around the world.



This is the first time for me to study problems and meet challenges with foreign friends. It is a precious memory I will never forget in my life. My English listening has always been poor, but that day I not only understood, but also answered many questions. I was really happy.

I now understand the value and quality of being bold. It was amazing to continually feel like I can just participate, actively think critically and contribute to a large discussion. It was great to meet such inspiring people who just continually encourage and really make you feel like there is every possibility and option for you.

I will take away the belief that I can change the world by being humble to others and also by respecting everyone’s culture.

Fidelity International: Diversity | Positive Recruitment Programme