Barnardo’s is the leading children’s charity in the UK. They believe in helping children no matter what problems they are facing. As a charity, much of the work Barnardo’s does is funded by donations and many of their donors are from the over 50 age group.

To maintain their long legacy of over 150 years, Barnardo’s must now improve their rapport and relationship with the younger generations; particularly Gen Z who could be potential future donors.


Gen Z Insights & Ideas For Business | EiA

Recommendations accepted

The innovative fundraising ideas presented by the students resonated so greatly with the Barnardo’s team that there are plans to launch at least one of them.

Improvement in skills

Students improved their personal skills in team working (100%), problem solving and working to tight deadlines (94.7%), self-motivation (89.5%).



“The best parts of the event were the opportunity to get in touch with real life problems and solve them unlike what we learn to do in the classroom.”

“I enjoyed the opportunity to work independently to meet deadlines and present to important people.”