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Salesforce is committed to building an inclusive workplace that reflects society. The technology industry is seeking to improve the diversity of its workforce. Salesforce wanted to see more black representation in their highly competitive and sought-after summer internship programme.

Using EiA’s Classroom to Boardroom programme, Salesforce gave young undergraduate and postgraduate Black students an opportunity to connect with the IT industry by exploring solutions to a ‘Business Challenge’ looking at the impact of hybrid working and COVID on this group.


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Business knowledge

Over 100 students were invited from 40 universities to take part in a virtual coaching day, during which the students were introduced to various parts of the business, coached by EiA trainers, and assessed by Salesforce staff.

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High profile

27 students were selected for Phase II and worked with Salesforce staff to review current initiatives and conduct research into what other companies were doing, culminating in a presentation to the VP+ executives in the UK.

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Beyond work experience

The programme only recruits 30 graduates nationally, EiA filled 20% of their intake. All 27 students were matched to a Salesforce mentor for a further 12 months.



The advice, encouragement, and lessons that I was able to receive were invaluable. I definitely learnt things that I will carry for the rest of my life.

The best part of this programme is the fact that it exists in the first place. I have never been part of anything like this tailored for black talented individuals.

I think the best part has to be the jubilation after the presentation on Friday. To hear the high praise from senior people in the industry gave me a real sense of achievement.


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EiA’s Classroom to Boardroom Programme
EiA’s Gen Z Classroom to Boardroom Programme
Salesforce | EiA’s Classroom to Boardroom Programme
Gen Z Insights Programmes | Salesforce | EiA