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St. James’s Place is one of the UK’s largest wealth managers, seeking to create a world where finance is easy to understand and more rewarding. Helping clients feel in control of their finances, confident in their plans and excited for the future.

They are also passionate cultivating and nurturing future talent, embracing diverse backgrounds and experiences to connect with clients, solve problems and innovate.

Keen to connect with more closely with local based talent as part of their social mobility and diversity strategy, they collaborated with EIA and the University of Gloucestershire to host a ‘Classroom to Boardroom Programme’.

The programme was an exciting opportunity for students to fully immerse themselves in the world of finance and work in teams to answer a real life business challenge.

According to the FCA only 6% of 18-34-year-olds take financial advice, and less than 9% of advisers in the industry are under 35. Recognising the key role young talent can play in shaping the financial services industry, SJP posed the challenge “How can we make St. James’s Place and the industry more attractive and accessible to young people?”


Accessing financial advice

The students identified that Gen Z has a clear preference for video-sharing websites and the use of role models such as artists, musicians, actors and sport personalities.

Barnardo's Ideas

Innovative approaches

A number of innovative ideas were put forward such as a University Society Program, Scholarship Programme and Student ISA to demonstrate the importance of investing and increase interest in careers in the financial sector.


Imaginative and detailed mock ups were created for Instagram and Tiktok campaigns as well as possible podcasts, an Educational App and website enhancements.



I learnt how to project manage teams and make cuts to meet deadlines, how to respectfully engage with people when problems working occur and how to be respectful of team members from different backgrounds and cultures.

I have improved my PowerPoint and presentation skills especially not to talk too quickly and a better style of presenting.

It helped me to understand the importance of backing everything up with evidence.