RedSTART is a charity set up to help young people take control of their finances, and give them the skills to manage their financial futures.

In 2021 they challenged a group of 40, sixth form students from Trinity School, Croydon, to come up with implementable, innovative ideas on how to get sixth form students across the country to support RedSTART’S ambition to deliver financial education to one million children.


Media skills gained

Created their own RedSTART TikTokTiktok campaign to show what is possible with a little know-how and 100% motivation to succeed!

New marketing approach

New ideas presented about how to encourage students to volunteer for RedSTART such as marketing the opportunity as something to add to their UCAS statement.

Increasing the talent pipeline

Linking volunteering to the Duke of Edinburgh award system to provide a constant pipeline of talent for RedSTART.



I particularly enjoyed working with the teams, looking at problems and solving them, creating TikToks and presenting. I have genuinely enjoyed the course which I didn’t expect coming into the course. I also found the week much more engaging than a traditional school week, having more freedom to organise ourselves, yet ensuring that we meet deadlines.

Despite not planning going into a career in finance, but dentistry instead, I have definitely learnt things and will take away the communication skills and problem solving skills that were developed in the course, both of which are important skills in many fields besides from working in the finance industry.