NSAR + Routes Into Rail | Case Study | EiA

NSAR provides membership, assurance, insights and skills solutions to help employers, trainers and organisations develop and sustain a highly skilled workforce to ensure the delivery of a world class rail service.

The business challenge given to the students was focused on how to better engage and attract young female talent into the rail sector as part of the ‘Routes into Rail’ industry initiative.


Fidelity International: Diversity | CV-less assessment and recruitment process

New website design

A new website design was suggested including landing pages, specifically designed to work best on different devices (iphone, android, ipad etc).

Targeted social media campaign

Using images of women working in rail in different roles, a social media campaign was created which included strong use of Instagram.

Tailored marketing plan

A focus on community and environmental messages was identified to appeal to a female audience along with better distribution of information about careers in this sector in schools.



I was the CEO of the project that we did for Classroom to Boardroom and I found it a very enjoyable experience. I learnt that communication is key to project success as well as ensuring everyone is enjoying their roles. I also discovered that I am good at motivating people and keeping a positive attitude which, I realised, was crucial to ensure we completed the project in time.

It seemed daunting and a mountain of a task but sitting here now I have learned a lot of skills whether I join a business or found a business.

I learnt how to work in a team and that you always have to remain professional. I also learnt that it is important to try things that you otherwise wouldn’t. I would never have thought about a job in marketing but after Classroom to Boardroom I am interested in pursuing this.

We were thrown in at the deep end but safely, like a real job but you won’t get fired!