McKinney Rogers Foundation

In July 2013, EiA delivered a Classroom to Boardroom programme for students at Strathmore University in Kenya who were funded scholars of our sponsor McKinney Rogers Foundation, whose parent is a global business strategy consultancy firm.

The business challenge was set by Kenya Commercial Bank.


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Improved business skills

Students from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya worked on a challenge set by Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) executives. For many students this was the first time that they had worked on a real business assignment. They developed their communication skills and improved their confidence immensely during the programme and came up with a number of innovative ideas.

McKinney Rogers Development

Personal development

Students felt that their confidence and self-motivation had grown significantly. For many students they saw this programme as a life changing personal development programme, which took them out of their comfort zone over the course of the 5 days.



I liked being pushed further than I thought was possible, as well as the assignments, support and motivation we all received.

It’s all about your ‘Attitude.’ I now believe in myself more and have a lot more confidence.

I have learnt that It’s not about the past but the future and that there’s potential in me.


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