UNICEF’s U-Report team seek Gen-Z digital inspiration


Woodbridge – UNICEF (Classroom to Boardroom) 2017

UNICEF is a global charity working in 190 countries to provide support and relief to children and youth. In the UK alone they reach two million children every year and hope to triple this within the next 5 years. The Head of Innovation worked with Entrepreneurs in Action to develop a business challenge, which addressed increasing the participation of 13-25-year-olds in the UK in their U-Report platform, which has over 5 million users globally.

Recognising this obstacle, UNICEF charged 11 students from the Woodbridge School with developing a campaign to increase their social media presence and gather support for the U-Report.

As young people themselves, the students participating in this EiA Classroom to Boardroom challenge brought an innovative Gen-Z perspective to UNICEF’s problem. During the first half of the week, the students divided themselves into teams and undertook a research and development stage. After this, they travelled to London to present their solutions to UNICEF’s digital team, U-Report leads and senior members of UNICEF’S leadership in London. Their presentation was received with extremely favourable feedback. What was particularly striking was the difference in the use of digital media between Gen-Z and Gen-Y, who were responsible for the campaign for UNICEF. It became really clear that there were stark differences between the generations, though only separated by 7 or 8 years.

Students presenting to the panel

Not only did 100% of the students gain more confidence in their abilities knowing that they had contributed to this well-known international organisation but they also gathered public speaking experience. They found it particularly fulfilling to ”be able to create an app and work in a small business group.”

Members of the panel engaging the students

As a member of the panel to whom the students presented Yvonne Mwiza, U-Report Project Officer, UNICEF UK indicated that the students gave sound business solutions and were impressively able to answer all questions in a concise and professional manner.  Moreover, another member of the UNICEF UK team highlighted that the app developed by the students was “not only a flashy tool but was well thought out and in line with the strategy which they presented.”

From all accounts, “Entrepreneurs in Action does a brilliant job of providing young people an insight into the working world and all the qualities that are necessary to make it.”

The students on this challenge were members of the 6th form at independent school, Woodbridge school. View their website: https://www.woodbridgeschool.org.uk

The challenge setter on this challenge was UNICEF UK. View their website: https://www.unicef.org.uk

The challenge surrounded the UNICEF U-Report. For more information see: https://www.unicef.org.uk/introducing-u-report-young-people-uk/