Students develop unique and innovative fundraising ideas for the UK’s largest children’s charity


Sevenoaks School – Barnardo’s Classroom to Boardroom 2018

Barnardo’s transforms the lives of children and young people across the UK every day. As an organisation, their philosophy is to bring out the best in every child no matter what issues they are facing. Barnardo’s has been in existence for over 150 years and is well known among the over 50 age bracket. However, attracting a younger audience to fundraise, donate and support the work of Barnardo’s has been one of their major challenges.

Therefore, on July 2nd 2018 Barnardo’s challenged 25 students from Sevenoaks School to develop a digital marketing and fundraising strategy to engage young people, particularly those at independent schools to raise money for Barnardo’s. The students were also tasked with creating a new ‘fundraising toolkit’ aimed at University students to encourage them to set up groups and events to raise money for Barnardo’s in the long run.

Students making their presentation to Barnardo’s panel

Having the distinct advantage of being within the Gen-Z the target market, the Sevenoaks students divided themselves into teams and over a period of two and a half days devised an incredible fundraising strategy, which they then presented to 7 senior executives of Barnardo’s Team.

After the programme, 100% of the students said that they found the programme interesting and would recommend it to a friend. They felt that “the best parts of the event were the opportunity to get in touch with real life problems and solve them unlike what they learn to do in the classroom.” Additionally, they enjoyed “the opportunity to work independently to their own deadlines and present to important people.”

The panel engrossed in the students’ presentation

The panel members were astounded by the ideas that the students came up with. Louise, Director, Income and innovation, Barnardo’s felt that “the young people were innovative, articulate, professional and well planned in their presentation. They had clearly done a huge amount of work to support their ideas and they were based on research and insight.” Additionally, Lynn Gradwell, Director, Children Services (London) Barnardo’s was of the view that” the ideas were fantastic and the students had the research to back them up.”

The students enjoying their presentation and feedback

This challenge has been a testament to the Gen-Z insights that the Classroom to Boardroom programme delivers. The innovative fundraising ideas presented by the students resonated so greatly with the Barnardo’s team that there are plans to launch at least one of them.

One of the innovative ideas involves approaching a global fast food chain!

Please visit our website over the coming months to see which of the student’s ideas are successfully launched.

The students on this challenge were from leading international baccalaureate school Sevenoaks School. View their website:

The challenge setter on this challenge was Barnardo’s. View their website: