Classroom to boardroom

Classroom to Boardroom is our premier programme

The purpose of the Classroom to Boardroom challenge is to increase the student’s confidence in key skills including team work, presenting to others, working under pressure and project management. It is designed to stretch all students.

EiA take the participants out of the classroom and fully immerses them in the world of business by challenging them to solve real problems and providing the opportunity to present their ideas to top senior executives.

Over the course of a week students adopt the life of a business executive. The participants are presented with a real life business challenge and work on finding a solution. The participants then present their findings to senior executives of the supporting organisation. This gives students an independent assessment by business professionals of their skills and talents beyond academic boundaries. Businesses also get a unique insight into challenges and potential solutions from the perspective of Gen Z.

We run programmes with a variety of national and international schools and colleges.

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